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From Dream to Thriving Business 

Rachel has been there and done that when it comes to growing the seed of an idea into a thriving business. She understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by being CEO, janitor, web designer, accountant, fulfillment center and marketing department all at the same time. As the owner and founder of Bunky Boutique, she knows what it’s like to have a dream and idea but no resources or guidance. Through hard knocks she has grown two successful businesses and she has the tools to help you too.

Rachel is full of insight when it comes to successful, learned-in-the-trenches techniques, and strategies. And she’s passionate about sharing this insight to help others overcome the obstacles that often keep people from pursing their dreams of entrepreneurship. She’ll guide you through tricks of the trade for starting, growing, and expanding your brand, all while negotiating that delicate balance between work and home—so that you can, you know, actually go on vacation or read a book for pure pleasure on a Tuesday afternoon!    

For a 60-minute consultation via phone, Skype, or an in-person meeting in Central Phoenix, you can ASK RACHEL anything you want.


This includes:

    •       Session prep 

    •      1 60-minute consulting session and 1 60 minute follow-up session

    •       Follow-up emails with recommendations 



  • Start-ups and entrepreneurship: Unpacking how best to turn your dreams into a sustainable reality.
  •  Small business growth: Evaluating your business, homing in on ways for you to increase your sales, and strategizing how to make your business thrive.
  • Balance: Creating the perfect blend of business life and personal life that is authentic to YOU. 
  • Branding: Marketing your business with savvy and smarts, everything from concept development to brand cohesion and social media.
  • Opportunities: Identifying successful ways to add value to your business and capitalize on your unique traits and talents.
  • Wildcard: You ask, we go there!



  1.     You do some prep. You answer 6 questions about your current efforts and goals. Please email responses to me at least 48 hours before our session. 
  2. I do some prep. I review your answers and come to our session with detailed and specific advice, answers, and action steps.
  3. We chat. We’ll connect in person, via Skype, or by phone (your choice). During your session, I’ll give you as much value as I possibly can. This is all about YOU!  When our session is complete, I’ll provide you with notes, recommendations, and action items.
  4. Follow-up. After 1-2 weeks we will either meet again or connect via phone or email. At this point you can ask me questions that came up for you since our session, fill me in on your progress with your action items and we can discuss anything else you need to discuss! 
  5.  You take action. You implement the tools and strategies to start making exciting things happen for you and your business!


Please purchase the session below and I'll follow-up within 48 hours to schedule our session. I am looking forward to learning more about you.  It will be a delight to help you, your company, and your brand succeed. It’s my passion!


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About Rachel

Rachel Malloy, owner of Bunky Boutique, is a seasoned businesswoman experienced in opening, operating, and growing a successful brand. She launched Bunky over a decade ago, establishing it as a distinctive shop that represents Phoenix style and the city’s downtown community. With Bunky’s opening in 2007, Rachel was one of the early adopters of what became a retail and dining resurgence in Phoenix’s urban core.

It’s worth noting that within a year of Bunky’s opening, our country experienced one of the worst recessions in recent memory. Despite this, Rachel established her brand and began to grow her business. In fact, it flourished. Rachel navigated Bunky Boutique through the storm, increasing sales, expanding its size, and cultivating a devoted customer base who is fiercely loyal to the brand. Rachel now oversees a multi-outlet retail operation, a thriving online business, and a dynamic social media presence. Forever the entrepreneur, Rachel also co-founded the lifestyle brand, AZ Love, a popular line of contemporary, modern and fashion-forward attire, accessories, and home décor.

With Rachel’s guidance, Bunky has become more than a store. It’s an Arizona staple, a neighborhood gathering spot, and an embodiment of Phoenix culture and fashion. And those outside of Arizona’s borders have taken notice too. Bunky Boutique has been featured by Travel + Leisure, New York Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Sunset, and Spirit (Southwest Airlines’ in-flight magazine), plus it’s won 11 “Best of Phoenix” awards issued annually by Phoenix New times.

Even the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Authority wanted in on the game. In 2016, they asked Rachel to open a Bunky Boutique location in Terminal 4. The request came as part of the airport’s recent—and wildly successful—initiative to partner with local businesses and open sister locations at the airport. The initiative has received national praise for its disruption of the traditional airport shopping and dining model. In April 2017, Bunky Boutique opened its doors in Terminal 4 and has been soaring ever since.

An ardent supporter of local businesses, Rachel is passionate about helping entrepreneurs identify how their strengths, instincts and quirks lend themselves to opportunities in business.  She has a knack for homing in on surprising ways to add value to a business. Rachel sees opportunities where others see roadblocks.

For most entrepreneurs, including Rachel, owning a business has been a life-long dream, as a consultant, Rachel helps entrepreneurs tap into their authentic selves through their business, and turn that dream into a sustainable business. She shares hard-earned insights and strategies with aspiring (and more established) entrepreneurs, everything from startup strategies to expanding and marketing a brand, all while helping them find balance between work and home.